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About Us


My name is Lynda Brookes, I am a Psychic Medium. I have been connecting with Spirit since the age of 7 years old. I see Spirit, hear Spirit, and talk to Spirit, and feel their energy. I also do Tarot, Oracle, and Angel Card Readings. I teach every aspect of Psychic Development for beginners, right through to advanced levels. This course is designed to work around you, and your busy lives. Whilst learning you will be supported through your Spiritual Journey of connection and understanding,and doing the  inner work, to become the best version of you.  

After you have started your Psychic Development journey, you will have the chance of putting your skills into practice, but only if you feel ready of course. I also run public events in historic buildings, this is where you could book on these events, and tap into the energies of Spirit within the locations. I will be with you to help guide, support and assist you. It is always something worth exploring, as I find this always tends to accelerate your Spiritual connections. This gives you a safe environment with like minded people like yourself, who don't judge and understand any concerns or questions you may have.  


Connection with our Spirit Guides is so important in doing any Spiritual work, whether that be just for your own use, or if you wish to create a business from it. I will teach you how to start your journey of discovering, learning all about your Spirit Guides and your Guardian Angel. We all have our own unique Spiritual Team, not everyone knows how to connect with them. Working with them will help you to make the best Spiritual connections, whilst being protected at all times. How amazing does that sound. You don't have to do life on your own. Learn how to activate your fantastic Spiritual Team and see how much your life will change for the better. 

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